😎 Welcome to Ayora Coliving!

All the information you need, to get a jump start on your new life within the Urban Campus Community and more especially in Ayora Coliving, our first coliving in Valencia!

Your arrival is right around the corner and we’re getting ready to welcome you here, at Urban Campus Ayora Coliving, our first coliving in Valencia!

We have prepared this onboarding guide to facilitate your move and help you settle in.

🚀 How to get to the coliving?

Ayora Coliving is in the great Ayora neighborhood. The address is Carrer de Guillem d'Anglesola, 16, 46022 València, Valencia (Google Maps link here).

The closest metro station is Ayora station.

Tip: 🗺 Download the Google Maps map of Valencia before you arrive, to be able to consult it offline, if you find yourself without wifi upon your arrival in the city.

From the airport

  • Taxi: The taxi is the best option if you arrive at night or if you are in a hurry. The taxi stand can be found right at the exit of the airport. The taxi will drop you off right outside our coliving, in around 20 min. The price will be more or less 25€ including the airport fee, but it also depends on the day/time.
  • Metro: You have a direct line to the airport! The metro will leave you at Ayora station, 500m from the coliving. In total, it should be less than 40 min :)
    Line 5 (green): Airport > Ayora.

From the train station Joaquin Sorrolla

  • Taxi: Just 10 min.
  • Metro: Also very quick, and the metro will leave you at Ayora station: 500m from the coliving.
    Line 7 (orange): Jesus > Ayora

By car

You can drive to the coliving and there is some street parking, but keep in mind that there is no easy way to park for free in the center of Valencia.

🏠 How to access the coliving?

Moving in is easy and hassle-free, so you can arrive whenever you want. You'll receive all the instructions by mail to move in just before your start date but here is a summary of the different steps.

Step 1: 📱 Install the Salto app on your phone

You will receive an email to the email address you used to subscribe to Urban Campus, with the subject "Your invitation to Urban Campus / Su invitación a Urban Campus", from Salto Keys as a Service. Please check your spam inbox if you don't see it!

Then, follow the instructions here: create your Salto account, download the app, and install the mobile key!

Note: The Salto app will let you open all the doors of the coliving.

Step 2: 🏠 Open the building door

When you arrive at the coliving, open the building door with the Salto app.

Step 3: 🥳 Find your apartment!

Find your apartment. Use the stairs or the lift to go up. 
Open the apartment door with the Salto app.


Tip: 🔌 No more battery or lost smartphone? No worries! ;) You can use the Salto app with another smartphone. Use your credentials to connect to the app and you'll have the same access as with your own smartphone. Also, we installed a universal charger station at the entrance of the building. Enter the building and charge your phone for a little while and you're good to go!

🛏 Discover your private space!

Welcome home! We hope you like it!

On your first day, we will send you a move-in document. Please check the space to make sure you're not missing anything, and then sign the document asap!

Tip: 🔌 Spain operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Tip: 🔑 You can open all the doors of the coliving with your Salto key.

👯 Discover the rest of the coliving!

Discover the common areas and meet the rest of the residents! But first, let's connect to the wifi.


Yupee! It's the same in all the building :) 

Wifi: UrbanCampus|Members
Password: L0v31sth3k3y


Common areas

Living in a coliving means enjoying its common areas! They are ready to be used by any member of the building, with restricted access at night.

  • Coworking area
    Work with your fellow colivers. You also have a phone booth to make calls without bothering the other members.
  • Living & kitchen
    Perfect place to meet with the community: play, cook, chill, ENJOY!
  • Fitness area
    The gym is just in your building, no excuses ;)
  • Terrace
    A big terrace with a nice view. A good place to chill with everyone and enjoy fresh air and sunny days.

In order to share these common areas and live peacefully and safely in the coliving space, remember that every resident commits to a series of community guidelines when they join the Urban Campus community.

Tip: ↕️ To move around the building, there is one lift.

Security: 🧯 You can find extinguishers in the staircases on every floor.

🏘 Discover the neighborhood! 

Time to take a walk around the "barrio". The neighborhood is getting trendy and you can find everything you need:


You can find several supermarkets very close to the coliving.

Other local shops

Find much more recommendations about Valencia on our blog or our Instagram!

📝 Where to find my subscription info?

You have access to all your subscription information via your member area, online. Log in with the mail you used for the booking and you'll have instant access to everything you need to handle your subscription: contracts, bills, payment information, etc. 

👀 And remember...

You are joining an amazing community! The other residents are your best allies for this new adventure. Feel free to ask them anything, they will be more than happy to share more tips, good practices, and all you need to know about Valencia and the neighborhood.

Anything else you'd like to know? Check out the rest of the Urban Campus Guide 📗! Remember that if you have any questions or requests, or if you just want to say hello, the Urban Campus team is here for you!

🚨 Help! An emergency!

💌 Contacting Urban Campus staff