1. Urban Campus Guide

💌 Contacting Urban Campus staff

The different ways to contact Urban Campus team.

🚨 Emergency

Facing an emergency? Have a look here!

🏠 Subscriptions, extra-services or payments

Any changes to be done to your subscription? 

You want more information about extra-services?

After receiving the upcoming payment email, or after being charged, you still have any doubts or concerns with your payment?

You can access to their member area here and extend or terminate their subscription, add extra-services, find out about next payments, update the payment method, download contracts and receipts, etc.

If you still want to contact with us, please send an email to support@urbancampus.com, or fill up the support form (in your member area or in the community app).

🛠 Operations and maintenance issues in our spaces

Do you need to report anything that is broken or not working properly?

Please send an email to support@urbancampus.com or fill up the support form (in your member area or in the community app).

We will try to respond ASAP.

Also note that it is your obligation as tenant to report damages.

🔑 Lock-out situation

Cannot open your apartment or room door? Have a look here!

💃🏽 Community requests

Are you interested in organizing or participating in an event? Do you feel creative about new ways to enhance your experience in the community?

Please send an email to community@urbancampus.com.