📆 Subscription modifications: extension, termination or unit changes

Manage your subscription.

Having a great experience at Urban Campus and want to stay longer?

Need to cancel your subscription earlier than the date indicated on your contract?
We understand that things can change, our coliving model is designed around flexibility and you can cancel your subscription at any time without any penalty by giving us 30 days notice. Bear in mind your contract might have some minimum commitment (for example, 6 months minimum stay), for which you benefited from some kind of discount. If this is the case, cancellation charges may apply.

In both cases, you just need to change your move-out date... and we made it super easy!

Interested in a unit change? Look at the end of this article.

🗓 Changing your move-out date

You can change your move-out date directly from your member area.

In the section "My subscription", you can find all your subscription information and dates and a button "Modify move-out date".

  • Click on "Modify move-out date".
  • Select your new desired move-out date.
  • Sign the amendment contracts.
  • And that's it ;) The move-out date is updated. You will receive a confirmation mail and you can see the change reflected in your member area.

Here are some screenshots to guide you through it:

Captura de pantalla 2021-11-18 a las 14.58.12

⚠️ If you cannot change your move-out date from the member area, or if you have a company subscription, please contact the Support team.

🏘️ Changing unit

There are just a few things you need to know before asking for a change:

We only allow unit changes for residents who have been living with us for at least 3 months and plan to renew for at least another 6 months.

Please also take note that:
  • Before sending us your unit change petition, wait until you have spent 1 month in the coliving. That way you have more idea of how is life inside and you will ask for something you really want!
  • You will have to comply with these 6 months to be entitled to another unit change, so make it a good one.
  • A resident will not be prioritised for 6 months after getting a disciplinary warning.
  • If all the flatmates in a shared apartment unanimously ask Urban Campus to place a specific person in an available room in their apartment we will take it into consideration.
  • If you and another resident are interested in switching units, let us know. We would love to make everyone happy!

Last but not least, we'll need some time to prepare these changes and make sure everything is just right so please make sure to let us know well in advance.

Now that you know everything: 

🇪🇸 For Spain: We prepared a few questions to understand better your interests and to propose the best options: fill up the unit change petition form

🇫🇷 For France: Please contact the Support team.

Once we get your petition, we will add you to the unit change waiting list.

When a unit becomes available and before offering it to new residents, the commercial team checks the unit change waiting list - following the order of the waiting list.

We will send you a unit change offer by email when we can propose a unit meeting with your criteria.

Make sure to answer the offer even if you are not interested. Please take note that we will take you out of the waiting list if we do not receive any answer after sending you 2 unit change offers.