💰 Deposit

As long as everything checks out the deposit will be returned to you in full

🗓 When will I get my deposit back?

Émoji es For the spaces in Spain

Once your move-out is done by our staff, we can validate your deposit refund (with possible penalty for loss of keys, damages, etc.). We'll send you the move-out document for you to sign, as you did during your move-in.

After you sign the document, we'll manage the money transfer: it will be made during the following 30 days. The refund can take up to 5 days until it's back in your account, depending on your bank.

Émoji fr For the spaces in France

Once the inventory of fixtures has been carried out with a service provider or our staff, we will be able to validate the reimbursement of your deposit - and deduct any deductions (damage, missing items...). We will send you the details of this refund, showing the amounts refunded and retained.

You will receive the refund of the deposit within the legal time limits: within 1 month if there were no deductions, and within 2 months in case of deductions.

📍 Where will I get my deposit back?

The deposit can only be refunded on the payment method used to pay it, due to accounting and legal issues. We can only make an exception if the bank account related to the payment method used for the payment of the deposit was closed.

If this is your case, we could only refund on a payment method that has been used in the past. However, the maximum refund possible is equal to the amount paid with that new payment method.

Note: If your card has expired or canceled, but the bank account is still active, the money will arrive in your bank account even if we use that card for the refund.

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