🕛 After-hour booking for interior common areas in Atocha Coliving

Book the interior common areas from 23.55 to 2.00 (floor -1).

🕛 Test for an after-hour booking system

If you book, you are fully responsible for respecting the following:

  • You are responsible for closing the area at 2.00.
  • No parties are allowed.
  • All windows and doors must be closed at all times.
  • Nobody is allowed on the patio/terrace after midnight.
  • Everyone is fully silent in the stairs when entering or leaving the area.
  • The common areas are cleaned and ordered before leaving - it means before 2.00.

In case of not respecting the above or in case of complaints from residents or neighbours, you'll be responsible: 1 strike for our disciplinary policy + no more booking possible for you.

The booking is only for interior areas on floor -1 (NOT for terraces).

We need the booking to be done 2 days in advance for the organisation between Urban Campus and the security company.

If the day is not available, it's because another resident has already booked it.


This after-hour booking system is a test. Let's make it work all together! 🙂

❓ Context

Until 2023, the terraces and common areas are closed at midnight every day.

From our experience operating coliving, the noise in common areas at night is a critical issue, involving residents, neighbours, the police, etc. It is not only a matter of puntual complaints or economic fines by the police for residents, it is also important not to damage the image of your community, of Urban Campus, and of the property. To build a coliving well-integrated in its neighbourhood and with no threats of being closed, we need the efforts of all. Please note, that we also have closing hours in other colivings.

As you know, Atocha Coliving is a great building, but its situation makes the noise issues critical due to the terraces, patio, and other buildings being very close.

  • All the terraces and patios must be fully silent and empty before midnight.
  • No parties can be allowed.
  • Some residents (colivers and classic residents) are living on floor B, just above the interior common areas.
  • Some of you suggested using the lift to avoid using the patio with the stairs. However, the lift doesn’t have access control, so external people could enter the common areas. Also, an emergency exit is needed, so in any case, the entrance door of the stairs should be accessible.
  • We cannot have a person coming to close areas twice a day.

All this makes any alternatives complicated.

After listening to your feedback and after a meeting with you in September 2023, the idea of a booking system for after-hour use of the interior common areas was raised. The idea is to have 1 resident fully responsible for that evening: nobody in the patios, windows closed, respect of the noise, closing of the space, etc.

We built this booking system as a test for the next weeks. We defended this idea and your interests with the property that approved this test until 2.00.

💬 Please share any feedback about this!