🔥 Using & cleaning the barbecue in Mellado Coliving

Sunny days in Madrid are perfect for BBQ-ing. Find all the indications to use the barbecue on the big terrace of 6C in Mellado.

⚠️ The barbecue is a gas barbecue. Do not use coal!

🏠 Responsible use

Use the barbecue with common sense and during appropriate hours and let the community know when you will use it.

Make sure to always use it on the protective carpet and to always cover it with the protective cover after using.

🔛 Turning the barbecue ON

  1. Before starting, please make sure the BBQ is on the protective black mat to avoid burning/staining the wooden floor.
  2. Open the black gas stopcock with a flicking movement, so that a flame icon is showing on the stopcock. This will open the gas flow.
  3. PUSH and turn one of the two circular knobs and turn it anti-clockwise (to the left) until the knob is pointing at the lightning icon. 
  4. Press the knob to allow the gas to come out and simultaneously, press the pilot button at the far right, to light the spark. This will light the flame. It is likely that the pilot button needs to be pressed repetitively until the flame is lit.

Note: In case the pilot button isn't working (no flames):

    1. Remove the metal trays on top of the burners. 
    2. While pushing the correct knob, light up the flame using a long lighter. Be careful!
    3. Once the flame is lit, put the metal trays back on top of the burners.

5. Grill your food, chow down, and enjoy! 

📴 Turning the barbecue OFF

  1. Turn both knobs clockwise (to the right) until the OFF position is reached in order to turn the burners’ flames off.
  2. Close the black gas stopcock with a flicking movement, so that the flame icon is NOT showing on the stopcock anymore. This will stop the gas flow.

💦 Cleaning the barbecue

After enjoying the BBQ at 6C, make sure to clean it in the next hours! Follow all these steps!

  1. Close and disconnect the gas container. If it is empty, report to Urban Campus staff.
  2. Use cleaning products. Be careful with the sponge you use, don’t scratch the grill.
  3. Take out the iron grill (3 parts) and the iron part above the fire: clean them with KH7, soap, and hot water in the kitchen sink. Rinse it until it’s clean :)
  4. Below the BBQ, there is a small tin where the fat falls. Take it out and clean it with soap and hot water.
  5. Clean the whole BBQ with hot water and KH7. You can use the kettle to warm up the water.
  6. Some fat probably fell on the floor. Use the floor cleaning product and water to clean it.
  7. Once it is dry, put the grill and the tin for the fat again. Cover the BBQ with the protection.

🌪 Gas

If you think the gas bottle is almost empty, let us know asap as it usually takes at least one week to get a new bottle: please contact the Support team.