🌍 Reducing our impact

Minimizing our environmental impact together

We hear it every day, from all of our news sources. Climate change is on the rise, and that small window to do something about it is closing fast.

But cities offer hope. The collective power they offer, much like that of our community, creates real opportunities to work together to understand and reduce our consumption.

🏠 Urban Campus commitment and processes

At Urban Campus, we have put into place some initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of the spaces we manage.

  • Paperless booking process: digital contracts & invoices.
  • Renovation and construction of our buildings making them as green as possible: using the best materials, second-hand furniture, energy-efficient appliances, LED lights, etc.
  • Prioritization of local and proximity providers.
  • Greenest providers of energy.
  • Sensors to measure energy consumption.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products.

💚 Role of the community

Every member has a role to play in daily life! But sharing space and living in a community makes us stronger and more efficient:

  • Circular economies: book sharing, clothes exchanges, etc.
  • ESG community groups.
  • Environmentally-conscious activities.
  • Thematic months around sustainable living.

⚡️ Tips to save electricity

Following a co-creation session done with the community, we are tracking and sharing the electricity consumption of the apartments. 

Wanna be the greenest apartment? Take a look at these tips:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room, especially the common areas.
  • Use task-lighting: turn off ceiling lights and use table lamps when you are working.
  • Be reasonable with A/C and heater use.
  • Turn off the towel rack in your bathroom when you're not using it.
  • Unplug unused electronics.
  • Wash your clothes with the washing machine set to the eco setting, with full loads of clothes, and hang dry your clothes when you can.
  • Check that your fridge is not set too high.
  • Be responsible when using hot water (shorter showers for example).

🛠 Maintenance

If an appliance is making a weird noise, if you see a leak, or if anything else should be reported, please contact the Support team.

A good maintenance of our buildings helps us to keep them in good state and to avoid over-consuming.

♻️ Recycling

We provide you with different bins and signage explaining how to recycle. You can also make sure you understand the way of recycling in Spain here and Lille here.


Wanna know more? Any other actions or tips you think of? Let us know!