📃 Proof of funds document for France

Everything you need to know about submitting your proof of funds online.

You're almost through the booking process and you're on your way to joining the UC community!

If you're stuck on the proof of funds step, take a look below to find a list of all the acceptable documents.

This page concerns residences located in France. For those located in Spain, click here.

✅ Acceptable documents for proof of funds

If you are paying and signing the contract

We need :

In case you are working FOR a company :
  • Last yearly tax declaration
  • Last 3 payslips
  • Work contract
In case you are working as a FREELANCE :
  • Proof of solvency of your company
  • Contract or document proving your relationship with the company

If the company you are working for OR your own company is paying and signing the contract

We need :

  • Statutes of the company
  • Last 2 balance sheets
  • Kbis extract

❌ Non-acceptable documents for proof of funds

Bank extracts, wire transfers receipts, or invoices will not be considered a valid proof of funds.

🙌🏽 If you are using a guarantor

If you have another person as guarantor, you will have to upload their proof of funds following the same rules mentioned above, but also their ID card or passport.

🪙 GarantMe

If you want to strengthen your application, you can use our partner GarantMe.

This organisation ensures, via the Axa company, the payment of your rent in the same way as a guarantor, by signing a guarantee letter for you. Your file will be studied by their team, and you will receive a return within 8 hours, with a certificate of eligibility.

As soon as we receive this document, we will immediately proceed to the booking stage of the accommodation with you, there will be no second validation stage with us. This can therefore also be a good way of saving time at the application stage.

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