👍🏽 Member perks in Spain

Discover some benefits for the community in Spain!

Being a member of the Urban Campus community means a lot of things - joining a family, sharing common areas, and working together to create value. It also entitles you to a few perks :)

We'll continuously update this with more discounts and benefits! If you know of anyone interested in offering a service to the community reach out to the Urban Campus team! Also, please let us know in case a discount code not working anymore.

Also, make sure to check the local perks in 🇪🇸 Madrid and in 🇪🇸 Valencia!


☕️ East Crema Coffee: Specialty coffee

East Crema is a specialty coffee brand known for its high-quality beans and brewing equipment. They offer a premium coffee experience for enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

Offer: 5% off
Use the code URBANCAMPUS5 to get a 5% discount valid for both physical stores and online shops in Spain.

📍 All locations in Spain
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🌱 Vegan Food Club: 100% plant-based real food

The most delicious, healthy, and vegan food, delivered directly to your home or office: new menu every week!
Without commitments and best of all: you take care of yourself and the planet. 
Offer: 30% off on the first 3 weeks using the discount code URBANCO


🍽 Zamparte: The best variety for delivered weekly menus

Hundreds of homemade prepared meals delivered directly to your house!

Choose your kitchen, make your own menu, and receive your order in 48 hours.

Offer: 12% off on all your orders. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code

➡️ Choose your food from one of their kitchens


🥤 Viver Kombucha: 900 million probiotics

Happiness starts in your gut. Authentic kombucha locally produced in Granada with real and organic ingredients. Try this tasty fermented drink to boost your gut health and immune system. 

The company was founded by Raul, one of our colivers!

Offer: 15% off on all your online orders delivered to your door. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!

➡️ Discover Viver Kombucha


🪴 Planteka: Marketplace for plant lovers

The one-stop community and marketplace for plant parents, by plant parents. Currently based in Barcelona and Madrid, you have access to plants, workshops, and services from our community at www.planteka.co. Have a plant parenting problem?: our community is here to help you as well.

Plants - Personalised gardening courses - Botanical workshops - Plant care service

Offer: 10% off on all the plants, workshops, and services. Go to the webpage and use the PLANTEKAXURBANCAMPUS code.

➡️ Discover Planteka


💻 Le Wagon: Tech courses and bootcamps

Le Wagon assists individuals in landing their tech dream jobs. Joining immersive courses in web development, data, AI, and no-code can transform one's career and open up new opportunities.


  • 5% off on all Le Wagon bootcamps and skill courses.

Head to the website www.lewagon.com, pick your bootcamp or skill course, submit your application, and let the Admission team know you're associated with Urban Campus.

➡️ Access their website


🇬🇧 Skyeng: Online English classes

Online English classes for anyone interested in learning or strengthening their language skills. Check our exclusive SKYENG Urban Campus webpage!


  • 1 free introduction class
  • 30% off on all classes

➡️ Click for a free English class


⚽️ Celebreak: Football matches and football community

Sign up for football matches around town, open for everyone who's looking to play and doesn't know where and with whom to play. Join a football community!

Offer: 2nd game for free

Download the App. Sign up for a 1st match. Send an email to daniel@celebreak.eu and get the 2nd game for free!

➡️ App Store
➡️ Play Store


🏴‍☠️ Escape the city: Escape game in the street to discover cities

Do you like a good escape game? You will love Escape the city!
Choose one of their quests, and discover Madrid or other Spanish cities funnily.

Offer: 20% off on all Escape tours with the URBANCAMPUS code.

Go to the web, choose your tour, and introduce the URBANCAMPUS code.

➡️ Web


💖 Affor: Mental Health

Malasaña Coliving resident, Anabel Fernandez is the founder and CEO of AFFOR, a company dedicated to offering psychological support to companies.

📱 Free 24/7 access to an online support chat.

Through our partnership with AFFOR, you can get in touch with a therapist in real-time. No waiting and no appointments.
All you need to do is download the Mypsico app and use the URBANCAMPUS code for free access.

➡️ App Store
➡️ Play Store

💆🏼‍♀️ Online therapy sessions at a discounted price.

These private online sessions with a therapist are just as safe and effective as in-person ones. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!


  • 25% off on 1 session (50 min) with a therapist (60€ value, you'll pay just 45€)
  • 25% off on a package of 5 sessions with a therapist (250€ value, you'll pay just 187€)

➡️ Online therapy sessions


📱 Tecfys: Subscribe to your mobile or laptop, don't buy it

All the technology you need with a simple subscription model.
Thinking of getting a new mobile or laptop? Get subscribed to the tech you need to make your plans happen.
Worried about the waste impact we generate with our technology consumption? Don't worry, in Tecfys they will look for a second social use for your old tech, or a sustainable recycling procedure to reduce the environmental impact.


  • 5% off on all our subscription products (mobile & laptop), with the UBTCF123 code.

➡️ Get your mobile subscription here!
➡️ Get your laptop subscription here!


Stay tuned for more!