💰 Member perks in Madrid

Take a look at the discounts you'll have around town!

Being a member of the Urban Campus community in Madrid means a lot of things - joining a family, sharing common areas, and working together to create value. It also entitles you to a few perks around town :)

We'll continuously update this with more discounts and benefits! If you know of anyone interested in offering a service to the community reach out to Urban Campus team! Also, please let us know in case of a discount code not working anymore.


☕️ Misión Café: Coffee & breakfast

Right below our Malasaña coliving space there's a great cafe to have breakfast 🥐, work, or meet up with members. Also, you should definitely try their menu del día for lunch!
Just show your UC key/card and they'll apply the discount.

Offer: 15% discount on coffee or breakfast

📍Calle de los Reyes, 5
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🥩 Saboli Taboli: Butcher shop in Mercado Mostenses

One of the best butcher shop in town: Saboli Taboli is waiting for you in the centrical Mercado de los Mostenses. Say you are from Urban Campus and show your UC key/card: they'll apply the offer.


  • 5% discount on all orders
  • 10% discount on orders over 50€
  • Delivery option available (for bigger orders)

📍Plaza de los Mostenses, 1 Mercado de los Mostenses, puestos 35 a 40
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🍕 Bizzo Pizzeria

If you are looking for a special treat and the yummiest pizzas in Madrid, come to Bizzo! They have 2 locations: one in Chamberi and one in Bernabeu.


  • 20% discount on your bill from Monday to Thursday
    Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.
Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 15.38.35

📍Calle de Andres Mellado 77 and Calle Infanta Maria Teresa 20
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🇨🇺 Al Son de Cuba: Authentic cuba food close to Atocha

Right next to our Atocha Madrid Coliving, there is a warm and friendly Cuban restaurant.
A great place to bring tropical vibes to your home. Vegan and veggie options.


  • 10% discount on all orders

    Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

    Discount AL SON

📍Calle del General Lacy 11 (Metro: Palos de la Frontera)
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🍻 Spoiler bar: beer & friends

Close to the Atocha Madrid Coliving, there is a wonderful restaurant that serves ice cold craft beers and yummy food.


  • 10% discount on all orders
    Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

    Discount Cards

📍Calle de Rafael de Riego 25 (Metro: Palos de la Frontera)
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🍸 Coppelia cocktail bar: love cocktails and live music?

Check out Coppelia cocktail bar, an amazing Cuban bar that serves delicious cocktails and tapas. They have Cuban live music every weekend!


  • 10% discount on all orders
    Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

    Discount Cards (2)

📍Calle del Ancora 8 (Metro: Palos de la Frontera)
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🍽 Zamparte: The best variety for delivered weekly menus

Hundreds of homemade prepared meals delivered directly to your house.

Choose your kitchen, make your own menu and receive your order en 48h.

Offer: 12% on all your order. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!

➡️ Choose your food from one of their kitchens


🍛 Appeteze: Food for health

With Appeteze, you can order healthy food: complete daily and seasonable menu, healthy fast food (burgers, pizzas, wraps, bowls), or a lot of other meals. 

Offer: 20% on all your order. Go to the webpage and use the URBAN20 code!

➡️ Choose your healthy food


🚕 Free2Move: Spend less, move more

Free2move, rent for a few minutes, a few hours or a day with Free2move Carsharing Pass. Buy 25€ of carsharing credit and receive 50€ to move in 1 clic in the streets of Madrid in 100% sustainable vehicles. Locate, unlock and drive ! At the end of your ride, lock the vehicle with the app and park anywhere in Madrid (free parking with Free2move)

Offer: Buy 25€ of carsharing credit and receive 50€.

➡️ I enjoy the pass!


🇬🇧 Skyeng: Online English classes

Online English classes to anyone who is interested in learning or strengthening their language skills. Check our exclusive SKYENG Urban Campus webpage!


  • 1 free introduction class
  • 30% discount on all classes

➡️ Click for a free English class


🎹 Piano classes

With more than 15 years of experience in teaching classes, and a wide variety of styles (pop / rock / jazz / blues and classical music), Guille Porto Garcia offers our community classes with exclusive prices!

Choose your best option:

  • Physical classes in the coliving, using the piano in the common areas of both colivings
  • Physical classes wherever you want, with a portable keyboard he would bring for you
  • Online classes.

Offer: 22€ / hour (instead of 30€: -27% discount!)

➡️ Check out his webpage


🤸‍♂️ Gymage: Gym / fitness membership

Gymage, a trendy gym with a popular terrace just around the corner from our Malasaña coliving space in Plaza la Luna. If you're looking for a great place to work out or take classes this the place to go. Say you're from Urban Campus and you'll get:


  • NO sign up fee
  • 42,90€ / month
  • 239,90€ / 6 months (payment upfront)

📍Calle de la Luna, 2
➡️ Check out their webpage


⚽️ Celebreak: Football matches and football community

Sign up for football matches around town, open for everyone who's looking to play and doesn't know where and with whom to play with. Join a football community!

Offer: 2nd game for free

Download the App. Sign up for a 1st match. Send an email to daniel@celebreak.eu and get the 2nd game for free!

➡️ App Store
➡️ Play Store


🧘🏽‍♂️ Yoga: Yoga classes at Pranahouse studio

Our yoga clubs loved going to a class at Pranahouse studio so we got a special offer for UC members!


  • 10% discounts on class packs : 5 classes for 76,5 euros, 10 classes for 135 euros, 15 classes for 202,5 euros.

Book your class on https://www.momoyoga.com/prana-house/schedule
Pay at the studio and show the card below to get your discount.

Screenshot 2023-02-14 at 15.34.42

📍Glorieta de Rubén Darío 3, bajo izquierda
➡️ Check out their Instagram


🦊 Fox in a box: escape room

Avid fans of escape rooms? Fox in a box is one of the biggest spaces in the city to have a wide variety of escape rooms. Ready for the challenge?


  • 10% discount on all orders
    Show the picture displayed below and they will apply the discount.

    Discount Cards (1)

📍Calle del Ancora 12 (Metro: Palos de la Frontera)
➡️ Check out their Instagram


💫 Ikono Madrid: Sensory experience

Unleash your imagination in Ikono Madrid! Ikono is a unique and surprising space in Spain, a sensory experience to enjoy through photography. Have a look at their amazing Instagram and for sure you'll want to discover the space!

Offer: 20% on your tickets with the URBAN20 code.

Go to the web, choose your date and time and introduce the URBAN20 code.

➡️ Web
➡️ Insta


🏴‍☠️ Escape the city: Escape game in the street to discover cities

You like a good escape game? You will love Escape the city!
Choose one of their quests, and discover Madrid or other Spanish cities in a funny way.

Offer: 20% on all Escape tours with the URBANCAMPUS code.

Go to the web, choose your tour and introduce the URBANCAMPUS code.

➡️ Web


💖 Affor: Mental Health

Malasaña Coliving resident, Anabel Fernandez is the founder and CEO of AFFOR, a company dedicated to offering psychological support to companies.

📱 Free 24/7 access to an online support chat.

Through our partnership with AFFOR you can get in touch with a therapist in real time. No waiting and no appointments.
All you do need to do is download the Mypsico app and use the URBANCAMPUS code for free access.

➡️ App Store
➡️ Play Store

💆🏼‍♀️ Online therapy sessions at a discounted priced.

These private online sessions with a therapist are just as safe and effective as in person ones. Go to the webpage and use the URBANCAMPUS code!


  • 25% discount on 1 session (50 min) with a therapist (60€ value, you'll pay just 45€)
  • 25% discount on a package of 5 sessions with a therapist (250€ value, you'll pay just 187€)

➡️ Online therapy sessions


📱 Tecfys: Subscribe to your mobile or laptop, don't buy it

All the technology you need with a simple subscription model.
Thinking on getting new mobile or laptop? Get subscribed to the tech you need to make your plans happen.
Worried about the waste impact we generate with our technology consumption? Don't worry, in Tecfys they will look for a second social use for your old tech, or a sustainable recycling procedure to reduce the environmental impact.


  • 5% discount on all our subscription products (mobile & laptop), with the UBTCF123 code.

➡️ Get your mobile subscription here!
➡️ Get your laptop subscription here!


🧑🏻‍💻 Metricool: Tool to manage your digital presence

Metricool is the definitive tool to manage, plan and automate your digital presence. Social Networks and Online Advertising.
It is a multitasks tool for any influencer, agency, social media or brand to manage their networks easily and save time to dedicate to other tasks. Your social networks always updated. Manage, plan and automate your digital presence, your social networks and your online advertising (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Google My Business, TikTok Ads, Google Ads and Facebook Ads).


  • 30 days for free on all paid plans, with the URBANCAMPUS code

➡️ Start here!


📈 Payfit: The payroll software

PayFit is an intuitive cloud-based payroll and employee management solution designed specifically for startups and SMEs. It allows you to manage the HR elements for your employees within one single tool.


  • 3 months for free with the option to stop the service whenever you want
  • Exclusive UC Member price after first 3 months

➡️ Start your easy payroll management


💰 Taxdown: Tax returns done fast, efficiently, and with the most savings!

Our ex-coworkers Taxdown wants to make sure you get your tax returns done fast and efficiently. And of course, with the most savings!

With Taxdown you can preview your tax returns for free and benefit from maximum savings.


  • Looking for that extra support? Enjoy an exclusive 10€ Urban Campus member discount on all their plans and have your tax returns reviewed by experts. Create your account with the link below to get the discount or use the URBAN10 code from their web page.

➡️ Start saving money


Stay tuned for more!