🔧 Maintenance

Something needs to be repaired or improved.

Please note that it is your obligation as a resident to report damages.

Feel free to give a hand and fix things yourself! But do not worry! Our trusty maintenance team can tackle a lot of problems.

As operator of the coliving, we'll always work as hard as possible to get quick and efficient resolutions for the issues and defend your interests as residents. Some solutions might not depend only on us but involve the property or external provider, and we'll do our best to push them towards the resolution: we're on your side!


Read this full page mentioning some recurring issues and how to solve them.

For any other issues, please contact the Support team. Whenever you come across something that needs fixing whether it be in a private area or one of the common spaces, be sure to let us know! The sooner the better that way we can get started on it.

🚿 Shower or tap not draining properly

Before every move-in, showers, and taps are deeply cleaned. Also, during every monthly cleaning of the private areas, the cleaning team will revise and clean the shower drain.

Shower and tap drains require top-notch maintenance and regular cleaning. It is your responsibility to keep it in good condition, take out the hair, and clean it between every revision.

But don’t worry, if your drain is clogged it can surely be fixed! Please follow these steps:

  1. First, verify if there is any hair stuck in the drain that you can remove. After removing the hair, check if it is draining properly.
  2. If the problem persists, try using a drain cleaner product ("desatascador de tuberías"). You can find it in every ferretería. Please follow carefully the instructions on the product packaging.
  3. If the problem persists, please contact the Support team. Our maintenance team will come to unclog it. If the problem is due to the infrastructure or due to the need to clean the siphon on the floor, we would assume the cost. If it's due to misuse, you might have to assume the cost of the intervention (added directly to your next monthly bill).

🔨 Something broken or damaged?

All items have a replacement periodicity ("life duration"). If this period has passed and a replacement or reparation is needed, Urban Campus will assume it.

If a replacement or repair is needed before the replacement period ends or due to misuse, the cost will have to be covered by the resident. In a shared apartment or in the common areas, if there is no responsible for the damage, this cost will have to be covered by all current residents living there.

⚡️ No electricity in the whole apartment

Please check the switchboard at the entrance of your apartment. All switches should be up! If one or various are down, just put it up. If all are already up but there is no electricity, try putting them all down and up again. 

If the issue is not solved, refer to the emergency section.

📡 Internet issues

If you experience internet issues, please contact the Support team with the following information so we can notify our technicians.

- Location in the building

- Issue: not connecting, slow speed, can't find the networks, cuts, etc.

- Activity you were doing

- Time you started to have the issue

- Type of device and MAC address (it looks like xX:xX:xX:xX:xX:xX with numbers and letters).

💡 Lamp not working

Lights out! As it goes, there comes a time in the life of every lamp when all they need is a good light bulb change.

Please please contact the Support team and we will change the bulb.

🖥 Appliance needing new batteries

A remote control without batteries?

If the appliance is in a common area, please contact the Support team and we will change the batteries.

If the appliance is in a private area, you are in charge of changing it.

🌟 Space improvements

We are always looking for ways to improve our spaces, and we love to hear from you!