📞 How to use the intercom in Saint So' Coliving?

At Lille Saint So Coliving, you can use the intercom to open the main door entrance. A great way to open remotely to your friends or delivery men!

Step 1: Registration of your name and phone number on the intercom

We register you on the intercom with the phone number you gave us during your subscription process. 

If you wish to use a different phone number for the intercom or if your phone number has changed, please contact the Support team.

Step 2: Use of the intercom 

  • Use the arrows to select your name on the intercom, then press the bell. 
  • You will receive a call on your cellphone. 
  • Pick up the phone then press 0: this will allow you to speak to the person who wants to enter.
  • Then press the star key (*) to open the main door and let your guest enter into the residence. 

⚠️ For security reasons, do not let enter someone if you are not sure of his/her identity!

And don't forget: never give key reader codes to untrustworthy persons (delivery men, providers, etc.).

If you think an ill-intentioned person knows the codes, contact the Support team so that we change the codes!