🏘 Community guidelines in Mellado Coliving

Coliving in harmony in Mellado Coliving.

💚 Respect

Above all, we respect and care for each other. We keep an open mind, we value the community’s diversity, and we support one another in good times and bad.

🔊 Noise

We choose to live in a community in order to get together and enjoy each other’s company, not everybody has that luxury. Let’s make sure we pay special attention to noise!

Night hours are quiet hours! Noise from 23.00 to 7.00 is not allowed.
Also, be quiet during day hours too: no yelling, no loud noise, no loud music.

The terraces and the common areas are critical for noise. Be considerate of the neighbours and the residents.

🙌🏽 Common spaces 6C and Playroom

The perfect places to chill with the community, organise a movie night, work in the coworking area or relax on the terraces. 6C and Playroom are open from 08.00 to 23.59. Please respect these opening times.

We are all in charge of making sure the common spaces are kept in tip-top condition. In the day-to-day that means cleaning up after ourselves and not removing anything from the space. For events & and activities, organisers are responsible for making sure everything is cleaned that same night and ready to go for the next morning. (Garbage can be taken down the following day).

The common spaces are an extension of your apartment so let’s take care of them while making the most out of them.

If you want to use the BBQ, tell the community to be sure it will be free and use these instructions.

✌🏻 Common spaces central apartments

You can access all central apartments from 07.30 to 23.59 and to the central apartment on your floor 24h.

💪🏽 Fitness area

Located on the ground floor, the fitness area is open 24/7, except nights on the weekends. Make sure to order and clean all equipment after use.

👩🏼‍💻 Common spaces coworking area

The coworking space is a flexible area. We can set up shop and work there for the day, let’s just remember to clean up after ourselves and not leave anything behind in our workstation.

Calls are a necessary evil (now more than ever), if you’re gonna be on the phone/zoom for extended periods of time it’s best that you do it from the 2 phone booths or from the comfort of your own room.

But you are in a live community, so if you seek full silence (don’t we all?), we recommend working from your room.

👥 Guests are welcome

This is your home, and you should feel like it is at all levels. Guests are always welcome, as long as they all follow the following space guidelines. You are responsible for their behavior. In the coliving spaces, guests can stay overnight for up to 7 days a month.

🚬 Smoke-free space

We are a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not allowed in any area: inside the building or on the terraces. Vaping is also included in this restriction.

🍺 Be responsible

Alcoholic drinks are allowed in the buildings, as long as no problems are coming from drunk or disorderly behavior. Any illegal substances are absolutely forbidden, and their use, possession, or distribution inside the building will result in immediate expulsion.

💻 Share the wifi

We have an amazing internet installation, but we will only benefit from it if we all use internet cautiously. Please don’t manipulate any equipment or use it for malicious purposes. That way our Netflix nights and working sessions are a sure thing!

🗣 Communication

Communication is key in any kind of relationship. When we want to organize something, when issues arise, or when we’re simply looking for help we know that there’s a community that supports us.

🛎 Report what’s wrong in the space

Keep an active mindset and report whatever is broken or malfunctioning. We need everyone’s collaboration to keep the space in the best shape - it all starts with reporting, but feel free to give a hand and fix things yourself!