💦 Cleaning extra-service in Valencia

Your private areas cleaned, in Valencia colivings.

Our professional cleaning team already provides you with the weekly cleaning of the common areas as well as the monthly cleaning of your private areas. The monthly cleaning is included in your subscription and happens on the first week of the month.

But if you want to spend your time focused on your projects and not on cleaning, we also offer cleaning extra-services.



💦 What? 

Cleaning of your private areas on a weekly basis: we will clean your whole space thoroughly every week: main room, kitchen, and bathroom.

📆 When?

The weekly schedule of the cleaning team can be found here for Ayora Coliving.

⚠️ The cleaning team spends a specific time by unit. If your space is not tidy or if it is too dirty, the cleaning team cannot work properly.

Please note that the cleaning team won't clean your dishes, it is not included in the service.

💰 How much? 

  • Full cleaning of your private areas once a month: included!
  • Light weekly cleaning: 5 minutes in-and-out cleaning: included!
  • Full cleaning of your private areas on a weekly basis:
    Check the price for your unit in your member area.




An extra-service is optional and is here to facilitate your life. 

You can unsubscribe in your member area. Take into account that changes can only be made from one month to another. If you want more information, please contact the Support team.