😎Welcome to Saint So' Coliving!

All the information you need, to get a jump start on your new life within the Urban Campus Community.

You move-in is getting close and we are ready to welcome you the Coliving Lille Saint So’ ! We have created this welcome guide to make your move-in easier and to help you settle in.

🚀 How to get to the coliving?

Lille Saint So’ is in the Saint Sauveur neighborhood. The address is 97, rue de Douai 59000 Lille.  

The closest metro is Porte de Douai (Red line 2), located at 400m from the residence. 

Tip: 🗺 Download the Google Maps map of Lille before you arrive, to be able to consult it offline, if you find yourself without wifi upon your arrival in the city.

  • From the Lille-Lesquin airport

Taxi: The taxi is the best option if you arrive at night or if you are in a hurry. The taxi station is located on the drop-off area of the air terminal (Floor 2). 

The price is fixed at 25€ during the day and 30€ from 8PM to 6AM, no matter where in the centre of the city you are headed.

The taxi will drop you off right outside our coliving, in around 25 min.

Airport shuttle : The shuttle enables you to reach the center in 20mn, everyday, including bank holidays. 

It stops at the train stations area (Gares Lille Europe et Lille Flandres) , where you can easily take public transportation (métro / bus / tram). 

In Lille : The shuttle will pick you up in front of the CIC building, facing the Place des Buisses square, very close to the train and metro station "Lille Flandres".

A t the airport: The shuttle will pick you up at the drop off area, next to the A door entrance, near the check-in desks and Departure zones. 


  • One way : 8 €
  • Round trip : 10 €

You can buy the tickets to the driver only, by cash or credit card. 

  • From station TGV Lille Flandres and Lille Europe

The 2 train stations are located at 3mn walk away from one another. 

N.B :

To take the public transportation in Lille, you have to provide yourself with a "Pass Pass" card, at 4€. With this card you will be able to purchase tickets. 

From Lille Europe station

Taxi : Taxi stop is at the 1st floor of the station, Boulevard de Leeds, near the Novotel Suites. 

It is 15mn around to reach the coliving. 

Métro : Take the line 2 (the red one) and stop at the "Porte de Douai" station. 

It is around 15mn to reach de coliving. 


  • 1,15€ for a 3-station journey (« ticket ZAP »)
  • 1,80€ for a longer journey (more than 3 stations).

You can buy your Pass Pass card and your tickets at the automatons inside the metro station. 

Metro is open from 5:12 AM to 00:30AM, everyday. 

From Lille Flandres station

Taxi : Taxi stations are located at the station's exits, place des Buisses and rue de Tournai. 

It is 15mn around to reach the coliving. 

Métro :

Take the line 2 (the red one) and stop at the "Porte de Douai" station. 

It is around 14mn to reach de coliving. 

  • By car

You wil have to pay for parking in Lille. Price depends on the zone in which you want to park. Coliving Saint So' is located in yellow zone: parking is charged from 9AM to 7PM, Monday to Saturday. You can park for 5h maximum. 

Price: First hour is 2€  ; Flat rate of 17€ for 5h. 

Here you will find all the information relative to Lille park rules. 

  • By bike

Bike racks are available for free inside the Coliving, next to the gym, at the bottom of the shared courtyard.                 

You can also use shared bike service , V'Lille, for your daily trips into the town and in the outlying towns. From the two tran stations, it is around 12mn by bike to reach the coliving. A V'lille docking point is 40 meters away from the residence (114, rue de Douai).

To learn more about V'Lille, do not hesitate to have a look at this  page!

🏠 How to access the coliving?

Move-in is autonomous. We made it as easy and hassle free possible!

On the day of your move-in, go directly to the coliving: 97, rue de Douai 59000 Lille.

To open the main door, use the code that has been communicated to you by email. 

Once you enter into the building, you will find little black lockers on the wall on your left side. Open it using the code given to you by email: you will find the key of your new home inside!  

⚠️Take a deep care of your key: Any damaged or lost key will be charged 45€.


To open common and private spaces doors, you can put your key on the key reader or use the following codes: 

  • Common spaces: 2023#
  • Private spaces: 1990#

You can access the private areas by opening the right door of the left building. Take the stairs to access your appartment (the floor has been given to you in the email we sent you). 

You can use the key like a classical one: insert it into the lock, turn right et voilà!

🗝 You can open the doors of all the common spaces with your key. They locked automatically when you leave, excepted your appartment ( in order to avoid to be stuck outdoor...), so do not forget to close your appartement with your key each time you leave! 

🎊Welcome Home!

Congratulations and welcome to your new room! We hope you like it. 

We even left a few cleaning basics as a welcome gift: toilet paper, bin bag, sponge and a totebag. So you can relax a bit before going to buy it by yourself. ☺️

A few days before move-in, you have received by email your move-in document. Read it carefully, do not hesitate to add the things you think relevant and not indicated in the document: maintenance issue, lack of cleaning... Do not wait before let us know, Urban Campus team is here to help you.

Then sign the document online. This must be done on the 1st day of move-in. 

Once it is done, you have 10 more days to report other potential remarks/problems you may not have noticed on your first day. If so, please send us a email to support@urbancampus.com (please specify your room number).  This document will be used as well on the day of your move-out.  

👯 Discover the rest of the coliving!


HERE you will find all the information relative to the recycling in Lille. 

From your 1st day, do not hesitate to meet and talk with your news colivers! You will meet them in the common areas, they will be able to give you more details regarding the day-to-day like inside the residence.

Common spaces

On the ground floor is the living room, the coworking area, the shared kitchen, the dining room  and the little library on the mezzanine.

Gym is at the bottom of the shared courtyard.

In the basement is the projection room and the laundry room.

🏘 Discover the neighborhood! 

Time to take a walk around and maybe do some shopping. 

You will find everything you need close to the coliving:


  • Carrefour Express: small supermarket, 1mn walk away from the residence – 70 rue de Douai, 59000 Lille
  • Supermarché Match: big supermarket, 8mn walk away from the residence. They also have a Drive-through service - Rue Courmont, 59000 Lille

Other shops in the area :

  • Corep: To print, scan, copy, 5mn walk away from the residence
    8 Pl. Déliot, 59000 Lille
  •  Moulins pharmacy: 5mn walk away from the residence
    11 Rue Froissart, 59000 Lille
  • Bakery: Artisan Boulanger-Pâtissier "Didi",3 mn walk away, ouverte on Sundays until 2PM, perfect for any brunch craving! 
    17 Rue de Valenciennes, 59000 Lille

📝 Where to find the information relative to your personal acount? 

Everything is avalaible on your Member Area.  Your ID is your email address used when you suscribed. You can access directly to all the infos needed to manage your acount: contract, invoices, payment infos etc.  

👀 And remember

You have joined an amazing Community! The other residents will be your best allies to start this new adventure.  

Feel free to ask them anything, they will be more than happy to share more tips, good practices and all you need to know about Lille and the neighborhood.

Anything else you'd like to know? Check out the rest of the Urban Campus Guide 📗!


Remember that if you have any questions or requests, or if you just want to say hello, the Urban Campus team is here for you! Contact us on support@urbancampus.com or fill up the support form in the member area.