👕 Using the washing machines in Ayora Coliving

What you need to know to use the common washing machines.

The washing machines are on floor 6 in the laundry room.

Please follow these recommendations:

  • Do not leave clothes inside the washing machine so that other residents can use it
  • We recommend filling the washing machines for energy efficiency. Always respect the maximum capacity of the machines (drying 10kg and washing 7kg)
  • Use high-efficiency low-foam liquid or powder detergents. Do not use soap or any solvents in the washing machine.
  • Make sure your clothes are free of any objects before washing/drying them (buttons, coins, etc.)
  • Opt for short programs. They have excellent cleaning results, saving time and energy. (15 minutes for 1kg of clothes).

➡️ Check out the official manual to use the machines or in case of minor errors that can be easily fixed. ⬅️

Maintenance cleaning is done regularly, but don't hesitate to contact the Support team if any problems.