🔐 Security

As you live in community , you should respect some security measures for the security and the well-being of all residents.

Our coliving buildings are prepared with the best tech to make your life easier and make them as safe as possible!
🎥 Common areas are equipped with cameras for your own security.
🚪 Doors have electronic access control.
We need you to act with responsibility and remember:
  • Do not give access to strangers to the building: the residents are responsible for whom they give access to the building. If you do not know if it is a resident, do not let them enter, and ask them to wait for the person who is expecting them.
  • Remember to close all the building doors behind you including the access doors to common areas.
  • The access control system (keys and mobile accesses) must be used only by residents.
  • Do not leave objects or documents of value in the common areas.

If you have any new recommendations, please reach us!