📃 Proof of address document

Everything you need to know about submitting your proof of address online.

You're almost through the booking process and you're on your way to joining the UC community!

If you're stuck on the proof of address step, take a look below to find a list of all the acceptable documents.

✅ Acceptable documents for proof of address

The documents should include your complete name and the complete address.

The address of your document have to match with the address you put in the contracts!

It can be:

  • A utility bill, such as a telephone landline (not mobile) / gas / electricity / house insurance bill
  • A bank statement (for Spain only, not France)

🇪🇸 Are you in Spain or residing in the country?

For Spanish nationals and residents your DNI or NIE includes your address and is an acceptable document. Please make sure to scan both the front and back of your card so that the address is visible.