📱 Mobile door opening & access control in Atocha Coliving

All you need to know to access your apartment and the different areas of Atocha coliving with the Tapkey app.

Our Coliving buildings are prepared with the best tech to make your life easier! One of the highlights are our smart locks. You can open all doors you have access to with a smartphone! 📱

🌀 Technology

Tapkey is an innovative app that lets you open locks easily and with full security, with Bluetooth / NFC technology. All smartphones with Bluetooth and/or NFC are compatible!

🔌 No more battery or lost smartphone

No worries! 😉

  • You can use the Tapkey app with another smartphone. Use your credentials to connect to the app and you'll have the same access as with your own smartphone.
  • We installed a universal charger station at the entrance of the building. Charge your phone for a little while and you're good to go!

📲 Installation

Step 1: ☁️ Download the Tapkey app on your smartphone

This is available for iOS and Android.

➡️ App Store
➡️ Play Store

Step 2: 🌀 Give access to the app to your Bluetooth

Step 3: 🔑 Create an account on Tapkey 

Choose "Continue with email" and then "New in Tapkey? Create an account"

Important: Use the email you used for your subscription and for the Urban Campus member area!

Step 4: 📧 Verify your email address

Check your emails. You should receive an email from Tapkey to verify your email address with a link.

Step 5: 🚪 Open a door!

Your app is ready!

When your are close to a door you have access to (2-3 meters), the door will appear in your app. Just push the circle during a few seconds and the door will unlock! 🙌🏽 You can also see all the doors in "My keyring".

⚠️ Any questions or issues?

If you are experiencing an issue with the App, please try to uninstall it and install it again.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact the Support team.