💡 How to use the lights in your apartment in Saint So' Coliving?

Here is a quick tutorial to use the switches of your apartment properly

Your apartment has 2 switches: one with a "+" and "-", and one all white. 

1) To turn on the ring light on your ceiling, press the "+" once. The light will turn on after 2 seconds. 

To turn off the ring light, press the "-" once. The light will turn off after 2 seconds.

You can adjust the light intensity of the circle light, by pressing the "+" or "-" continuously. 


2) To turn on the neon light on your wall, press the top of the "all-white switch" once. 

To turn off this light, press the bottom of this switch once.

This switch also controls the plug located near your bed or your desk. So if you want to use that plug, you will have to turn on that light.