❄️ Heating in Mellado Coliving

Simple steps to follow to get your heater working again.

Thought you weren’t going to need heat in Spain? Think again. Winter in Madrid might not be as bad as in Russia, but we know that it still gets cold. Our heating systems are both efficient and eco-friendly and programmed to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the entire day. The heaters are even programmed to spike up the heat a bit during the busiest moments of the day! 

The program set, recommended by the City Council is as follows:

  • From 5.30 to 11.30, set at 23-24 degrees
  • From 11.30 to 17.30, set at 21 degrees
  • From 17.30 to midnight, set at 23-24 degrees
  • From midnight to 5.30, set at 21 degrees

If you feel that the temperature is lower than this, please make sure all windows are closed and that your radiator is open! A quick tip: you should always keep the thermostat remote in the coldest area of the apartment. 

If you still feel there is a problem with the heating system, please contact the Support team.