🏘 Community guidelines in Saint So' Coliving

For a harmonious coliving experience in Saint So' Coliving.

💚 Respect

Above all, we respect and care for each other.  We keep an open mind, value diversity, and help each other through good and bad times. 

🔊 Noise

We decided to live in a community to meet up and enjoy each other's company. Not everyone can afford this luxury. To keep it a pleasant experience, let's make sure we limit noise after 22.00 on weekdays and 23.00 on weekends.

🙌🏽 Common areas (floors 0 and -1)

Our common areas have been designed to allow you to relax with other residents, organise a movie night, work in the coworking space, or relax on the terrace. Please make sure you respect these spaces so that they always remain welcoming and clean behind you!

💪🏽 Sports room

Located on the ground floor at the back of the main courtyard, the gym is open 24/7. Please remember to store equipment and clean machines and mats after use. 

👩🏼 💻 Coworking area

The coworking space is a flexible area. You can move the furniture around and work there all day if you like, you just need to remember to put everything back in order after your work session.

Making calls is often necessary when working (nowadays more than ever), so if you plan to make many video conference calls/meetings during the day, it's best if you do it from your apartment or inside the phonebooth so that you don't disturb the concentration of other coworkers! 

👥 Visitors are welcome

This is your home, and you should feel it in every way. Visitors are therefore welcome, as long as they too respect the rules of life in each space. You are responsible for their behavior at all times. 

🚬 Non-smoking area

Urban Campus is a non-smoking environment. Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited in all areas: inside the building as well as on the terrace. 

🍺 Be responsible

Alcoholic beverages are allowed in the building, as long as it does not generate behavioral problems or altercations. Any illegal substances are strictly prohibited and may be subject to immediate expulsion. 

💻 Share the WIFI

The smooth running of the internet can only be achieved if everyone uses it with care. Be careful not to touch the equipment (terminals, switches) and not to use the internet for the wrong reasons. This way you can enjoy the internet safely and serenely!

🗣 Communication

Communication is the key to any fulfilling relationship. When you want to organise something, when a problem arises, or simply when you need help, never forget that the community is there to support you. 

🛎 Tell us what's wrong!

Keep an alert mind and report any broken or malfunctioning items to us. We need everyone's cooperation to keep the spaces in good condition.