📣 Community Manifesto

Welcome to your Urban Campus community! 💚

We are delighted you are joining our ever-evolving international community made of members coming from many different and exciting walks of life. Our community transforms with each new member and makes our underlying foundation stronger.
Our members have created a set of values that are the beating heart of our community:
  • Human Connection - They forge meaningful interactions, and grow professionally and personally.
  • Respect - They respect one another and respect the common areas.
  • Autonomy - They are the instigators of their experience and they generate value for the community as a whole.
  • Collaboration - They give back to their community by teaching and learning from each other.
  • Challenge -. They challenge their values and strive to better their everyday lives.
  • Discovery - They do not shy away from trying new things.
As an Urban Campus community member, you are encouraged to embrace these values. Be an active member of the community, ask questions, bond with one another, and create activities.
Urban Campus will be supporting you and providing all the necessary tools and resources to be the creator of your experience.
Your community is built by you.
Ready to be part of something big? 💥
Any feedback about community? Use the community feedback form!