🙋🏻 Community Catalysts

Be the creator of your Urban Campus Coliving experience!

At Urban Campus, we want you to build your experience. We are a community that gives back to one another, that nurtures, grows and continues to challenge itself. These strong values drive our desire to enrich the lives of our members and it all begins with you.

If you have decided to take part in this adventure it is because you want to forge deep connections, learn from your peers, share your knowledge and ignite new passions.

At Urban Campus, we believe in a community that strengthens itself with the support of our foundation and structure. We will always equip you with the necessary tools and resources to be the creator of your experience : giving you visibility, finding partners or booking our spaces for free to cite a few. We want to make sure you will grow personally and professionally during your time here.

You are the creator of your Urban Campus Coliving experience and we can not stress this enough.

We have noticed that the best activities are the ones launched by the community, for the community. However we have also understood that a lack of clear structure might have made it hard for you to leverage the most out of it.  After discussing it with you during our co-creation session in July 2022, we feel that the best way to support you in this journey is by providing a structure for every member to take ownership of their experience. At some point during their journey, every member will be able to gather their community, enhance engagement and build trust with one another.

Starting in September 2022, each campus will have 2 community catalysts that will rotate each month.

👊🏻 What is a community catalyst?

A set of volunteer members who will understand what their community needs by engaging with them and instigating community collaboration. In a nutshell, they are the motivators of the community.
The CCs will also be in charge of doing a handover to the next CC’s at the end of each month.

✅ Structure

🥗 Community meals: The community catalysts can decide how and when they interact with the community to get a feel of what they’d like to organise. We recommend doing these get together sessions during community meals or via your group chat.

📑 Community Catalyst workshop: everything you will need to know to be great CCs in your community! Held the third Monday of every month until December 2022 to get acquainted with the process.

💃🏻 Community Catalyst handover: After December 2022 the community catalysts are encouraged to organise a handover with the next CC’s at their convenience. Handovers include ideas for events, upcoming activities, list of active members, etc.

⭕️ Monthly rotation:

- On the 1st, we will announce the Community Catalysts of that month.
- On the 5th, we will send out an email asking for volunteers to become CC’s the following month.
- On the 15th, volunteers will be chosen.
- 15th-30th: 2 week onboarding - including the CC handover (or workshop until December 2022).

🎊 We expect engagement to be much higher within each campus and hope it provides a wider variety of activities organised by the community.