­čĺ░ Community Budget

At Urban Campus, we believe that empowered residents make a huge difference in your living experience.

We want to make sure you have the right resources and structure to build your endeavors. As you know starting in September 2022, there will be two Community Catalysts per space to drive collaboration between members and create more member led activities.

We want to further support these initiatives and after speaking with some members during the last months, we have decided to separate a portion of the community budget  to do so.

This community budget may be used by all coliving members for their club activities. We encourage members to spend this budget on booking amenities (eg. padel courts), purchasing goods (eg. a football) or getting some food & drinks (eg. manolitos for the book club) for specific activities or events.

How does it work?
All requests need to be submitted via this link here.
The Head of Community will review requests, approve or deny them, and purchase selected items.

What may this budget not be used for?
This budget can not be used for parties or/and to purchase alcohol.