👯 Coliving referral program

Bring your friend to our colivings!

We are always looking for the best people to join our beloved community! 💚

We would love to see your friends becoming part of the Urban Campus family, so we have created a referral program.

👯 How can I refer someone?

The referral process is super easy!

Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Get your friend to apply to one of our colivings. Here’s a link you can send them: https://urbancampus.com/coliving-spaces/

Step 2: Make sure they mention your name when applying! They can do so while filling out the application form or by telling us during their call with us.

🏠 What's next?

The application of your friend will be revised even more closely by our team and will be given priority!

Please take into account that all applications are subject to Urban Campus acceptance and depend on availability.


What's better than living with your friends? Living with your friends in our amazing community!