☀️ Leaving for holidays

You are thinking about leaving the coliving just a few weeks during the summer or for Christmas? Here is what you have to know!

Our coliving subscriptions offer a lot of flexibility, especially due to the 30 days prior notice to extend or terminate your subscription. You can obviously terminate your subscription if you are leaving during the summer, or any long holidays.

However, if you are leaving for 1-3 months, Urban Campus highly recommend the residents to keep their unit and keep their subscription active.

Indeed, due to very high occupancy of our spaces and high demand, we are managing a waiting list of potential new residents and we will not be able to give you priority over this list. As by our experience over the years, coming back after the summer or Christmas is not always possible, because we do not have a lot of vacancies
For summer: in case we have availability, new subscriptions for September must start on the 15th August to secure your unit.

We don't want to lose you! So make sure to have it in mind while taking your decision and changing your move-out date in your member area.