💧 Cleaning service in Saint So' Coliving

All the information regarding cleaning service in your residence of Saint So' Coliving.

"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment" - Marie Kondo 🤓

Our spaces are cleaned professionally on a periodic basis to ensure your home is a nice place to live and to share with others. Between these professional cleanings, it is our members responsibility to keep the space tidy and clean!

For this, remember: 

  • Clean after you use any space, especially kitchens and common areas!
  • Take out the trash as soon as it is full - do not wait for our cleaning staff to do it.
  • Clean the tools you use to cook right away so that the next person does not have to clean it or wait until the dishwasher is over.
  • Keep your room and common areas organised, so our great cleaning staff can do their job efficiently. 
  • Only throw toilet paper down the WCs - please do not throw any other sanitarian products. 
  • In the gym: please sanitise all the equipment you have used after you! 

Cleaning kit provided

Cleaning premises for tenants:

Located on the ground floor, next to the toilets in the dining room area.

You will find everything you need to maintain clean spaces: bucket, broom, vacuum... You can use this kit to clean your apartment too, but please leave it on the premises after use! 

If you find that something is missing, do not hesitate to contact the Support team.

In the private building, downstairs, you will find a second vacuum you can use as well. 

In the closet on the 1st and 4th floor, you will find hand vacuums. Those are strictly provided for mezzanine studios only, to clean the mezzanine area more easily.

Please, do not keep these vacuum in your private unit, and do not store them elsewhere than on 1st and 4th floor!

Regarding the professional cleaning, there are two schedules: 

  • Weekly cleaning: Common areas are cleaned once a week, every Monday morning. The rooms with cleaning extra service or bedlinen & towels extra-service will be included in this schedule. 
  • Monthly cleaning: All common spaces as well as all private areas rooms are cleaned, regardless of the extra-services they have. 
    Monthly cleaning of private units usually occurs on Tuesdays in the middle of the month. A reminder will be sent to you by email a few days before. 

⚠️ The cleaning team spends a specific time by unit. If your space is not tidy or if it is too dirty, the cleaning team cannot work properly.


If you want to subscribe to the cleaning extra-services, have a look here!