🛏 Bedlinen and towels extra-service in Lille

Cleaned sheets and towels in Lille.

Your bed already comes with duvet and pillow. But if you don't want to invest in a sheet set during your stay, or to spend your free time at the laundry, we have the perfect extra-service option for you!



🛏 What? 

We provide the bedlinen, towel and bath carpet. We also clean them twice a month.

📆 When?

You will be informed by email a few days before the bedlinen change.

This day, please remove the sheets of your bed (you can leave them on your bed), to make our cleaning staff work easier! 💚 Our cleaning team won't make your bed and do not remove themselves the sheets from your bed. 

💰 How much? 

65€ per month in Lille Saint So'.

For any information regarding bedlinen extra-service in our Spanish residences, click here. 




An extra-service is optional and is here to facilitate your life. 

You can unsubscribe in your member area. Take into account that changes can only be made from one month to another. If you want more information, please send an email to support@urbancampus.com or fill up the support form in the member area.