♻️ Recycling in Lille

Understand the French way of recycling - and start right away! Reduce - Reuse - Recycle!

Recycling is one of those things that change everywhere you go... even if we always know the difference between organic, plastic, paper, and glass, minor differences always apply, depending on where you are in the world!

For this, we have decided to provide you with a short explanation of how to separate your trash to recycle in Lille.

We make 3 separations:

  • Organic waste: grey bin
  • Plastic, paper, cardboard and metal packaging, glass: red bin
  • Special waste & dangerous waste: in the recycling centers or during the public collections organized each first Monday of the month on the Simon-Vollant square (Hôtel de Ville).

Please use this separation in your apartments!

Organic waste can be put into the trash below your kitchen sink. When the trash is full, please put your bag into the grey container in the shared courtyard. 

We also provide you with one big bag upon your move-in, to collect all your recyclable waste, including empty glass bottles and jars. When it is full, you can put loose waste into the red container in the shared courtyard. 

You can find more information regarding recycling rules in Lille by following this link. 👈🏼

Bins in Saint So Coliving

  • The rubbish collection (grey container) occurs every Monday and Thursday morning.
  • The recyclable waste collection (red container) occurs every Monday morning.

If you don't find the container in the shared courtyard, please check the street, near the main entrance door! Our cleaning team puts the bins out each week when they come to clean the common areas.  

For the well-being of all the residents and out of respect for our cleaning team, please do not leave your waste elsewhere than into the provided containers and bins! 💚